A native to Western Mass, Tim has been tattooing professionally since 2001. His unique style and sound character have drawn him much international acclaim and admiration. While garnering attention from his peers as an innovator in creative illustrative tattooing, he has remained grounded and true to his roots - a local artist with a hard-earned and very devoted clients.

When Tim isn't busy honing his tattoo skills, you can find him raising his beautiful, perfect family. In addition to being a devoted father, his hobbies include building things and enjoying the beautiful New England outdoors.

 Tim's style has a vibrance that matches his character - an unserious and aloof blend of new school and illustrative influences. It is strong on emotion and creativity. There's a raw and natural feel with a masterful execution that always plays second fiddle to a humanistic, art-centric freehand approach, drawing forth the design as it demands to be from the human form in the moment.

 Tim most enjoys character design, with a preference for strong female characters and goofy, stoned anthropomorphic animals, but he is willing to consider most creative ideas.

Tim is available by appointment only, Thursday-Saturday.