Where are you located?

Great Spirits Tattoo is located at 22 Federal Street in Greenfield, Massachusetts (within the larger region of Western Massachusetts). We are easily accessible from Boston, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Upstate New York. 


do you do piercings?


What are your hours?

Generally, Tuesday/Wednesday 11:00am-5:00pm and Thursday/Friday/Saturday 11:00am-7:00pm, but individual artists' hours vary and we do close the shop occasionally. We recommend scheduling an appointment for your consultation or tattoo, as we cannot always accommodate walk-in clients due to high demand.

How Can I pay for my tattoo?

We accept cash only, but we do accept online payments through Paypal for deposits only. We offer this as a convenience for those who travel from a distance and can’t make it in for consultation.

how much does a tattoo cost?

Each artist charges by the hour, and their rates may vary. The shop minimum is $100, meaning that any tattoo less than an hour will cost $100. We do not do all day rates or charge by the tattoo. Please email to inquire about each artist's rate.

what is your deposit policy?

Great Spirits requires a $100 deposit to secure all tattoo appointments. We will not hold a tattoo appointment time without a deposit. You can view our deposit policy here

how old do you have do be to get a tattoo?

In the state of Massachusetts, you have to be 18 to get a tattoo. We check the ID's of all clients. Massachusetts does not allow the tattooing of minors with parental consent. 

What should i bring with me to my tattoo appointment?

Please bring a valid form of identification. We will not be able to tattoo you if you forget your ID. We recommend bringing a drink and/or a snack for longer sessions, and you may want to bring something to occupy your time like a book, gaming device, tablet, etc.

How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment? 

We recommend getting enough sleep, eating a proper meal, and hydrating well before your tattoo appointment. We also recommend not consuming alcohol the day before your appointment, as this will cause more bleeding during your session. 

Can I get tattooed if I'm pregnant? What if I am breastfeeding?

Our artists will not tattoo someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Evidence shows that during pregnancy and breastfeeding, your immune system is weakened and more susceptible to infection and/or passing that infection on to your child. 

Are there tattoos that you don't do?

Great Spirits' regular artists do not tattoo the following: spouses or significant other's names, finger tattoos (including ring bands), tattoos on the inside of the lip, or any tattoo that the artist finds inherently racist or offensive. All artists have final say over the projects they take on, and Great Spirits reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. 

HOW DO I make an appointment?

Use  this form to make an appointment, or call us at (413)223-5958.